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        Vetiver Curtains 


  • Made up fresh khus khus/ Vetiver roots. (Bewear of de oiled and non aromatic roots curtains available in the market. ) 
  • 100 percent wild and natural  organic roots. 
  • A natural and Ecofriendly alternative to AC.  Also act as a protection from pollution. It's smell is anti depressent. 
  • Its sweet, earthy, woody and balsamic smell uplifts your mind and gives you a heavenly presence in a wet dump forest. 
  •  Option for Roller. Just pull the wooden handel the curtain  is magically folded up. 
  • Option for auto cooling, no need  to sprinkle water manually for cooling. 
  • Easy to install. Superb hanging arrangement with claims and rings makes you easy to install. 
  • Option for  many standard size to choose that fits as per your door window and balcony size. 2.5/4, 5,6,7,8,9,10;  3/4, 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 4/4, 5,6,7,8,9,10.
  • Red cotton border enhence the beauty of your home.
  • Customization  available.. 
  • Whatsapp support service 24/7. Once shipped you will be served the tracking id and the movement details to your what's app no. 
  • COD available free of cost. 
  • Shipping all over india in 7 days. 
  • Measure your balcony accuratly before placing your order.  3/4 feet means  3feet wigth and 4 feet high. 
  • Dust and soil particles may be present in the mat depicts the originality. 


      Decorate your home with our newly designed Vetiver Curtains keeping a touch of the age old traditional system of cooling.
     Great use for doors, windows and balconies as it  provides  a telexing, pleasant, cool and peaceful atmosphere around. Its dark brown color indicates the high quality of organic vetiver roots used,  lt  emits sweet natural woody and balsamic fragrance.
   Easy to maintain the aroma sprikling water intermittently for more effect.Bamboo stick used  for ease of use and rolling up the curtain to make it portable.
  It cools your body also balance the mind with its sweet balsamic and woody smell. It’s the only natural coolant ever invented. It Protects your room from pollution and lets inside a natural cool and pure air. Vetiver root is known for its many madicinal values and hence vetiver curtain there up.


 Sprincle water to mantaain aroma and cppling once it get dried.


A tiny submersable  water pump at the bottom lifts and drips  water along the top border of the curtain uniformly. which makes the curtain wet easy for effective cooling. It best works upto hight 6 feet if more the container bucket need to be kept at a greater hight. 

The pump needs to be put in a small  container of water below the curtain. 15 feet pipe is provided. 

Terms of use

The items are handcrafted so minor variations in size and thickness may appear. 

Delivery time may vary depending upon the quantity and size of the materials. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Works as described. Quite aromatic, khus quality is decent, and the curtain rope/other equipment for hanging and stuff is also properly attached. Neatly packaged, easy to install.

Nisha K. Potty
Vetiver curtain

Excellant , using it frm day i received. Natural , healthy & heavenly feel.

Ashwin Kola

Good product. Retains water well. But it has a few insects while unpacking it

Good Products

Good Product, delivered in a good shape and works as expected.

Kamal Pant
Cooling effect with genuine khus aroma

The vetiver curtains I bought from Khus Plaza for my door and window are a great find for us this summer. We are now enjoying organic cooling with a subtle and genuine aroma of khus from the vetiver curtains. Ofcourse, it is water intensive since it needs to be were atleast twice between 12 noon to 5 pm, but the change in ambient temperature is really perceptible. Some compare it directly with AC or air cooled rooms, which is unfair. It does not give that kind of cooling, but it definitely brings down the ambient temperature, more so when there is a breeze outside, which cools down as it comes in through the curtains.
Great workmanship for the curtains I bought with hanging and rolling up arrangement.
Happy with my provide.

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