Vetiver Aromatic Curtains

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 Khus curtains are a type of window treatment made from khus grass, also known as vetiver. Khus grass has a pleasant, earthy scent and is often used in perfumes and fragrances. The curtains made from khus grass are woven or braided together to create a natural and rustic look. They can be used to add a touch of nature to any room and are especially popular in tropical or bohemian-themed decor. Khus curtains are also known for their ability to repel insects and mosquitoes due to the natural fragrance of the grass.

Decorate your home with our newly designed Vetiver Curtains with red cotton border with a touch of the age old traditional system of cooling.

     Great use for doors, windows and balconies as Vetiver Curtains  creats a telexing, pleasant, cool and peaceful atmosphere around. Its dark brown color indicates the high quality of organic vetiver roots used,  lt  emits sweet natural woody and balsamic fragrance.

   Easy to maintain the aroma sprikling water intermittently for more effect.Bamboo stick used  for ease of use and rolling up the curtain to make it portable.

  It cools your home also balance the mind with its sweet balsamic and woody smell. It’s the only natural coolant ever invented. It Protects your room from pollution and lets inside a natural cool and pure air. Vetiver root is known for its many madicinal values and hence vetiver curtain there up.


1. Dip the curtain in a water tank for two hour .Dry it in shade for another two hours.

2.Put 3 nails on the wall or on window frame  and hand the curtainwith middle ring fix on the nail.

3 Allaign the  rope and pull down to fold it up.

4.Sprincle water to mantaain aroma and cppling once it get dried.

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