Vetiver Single Window Curtains 1.5/4 feet~Buy 2 get 1 free


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Vetiver Single Window Curtains. Buy 3 for Rs 1998. Buy 2 get 1 free

Khusplaza presents its new innovative Vetiver Window Curtains Single Aromatic or Khus Curtains of Size 1.5 *4 feet. It axectly fits a part of your window. It is Naturaly Aromatic, Designed with red border and 100 percent hand crafted. It not only cools the body but also balances the mind with its woody balsamic and sweet smell. Vetiver root is known for its many medicinal property on our body since time imemorials.

Buy 3 for 3 windows and fold off whichever you like.


 Buy 2 get 1 free Offer @ rs 666/~.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Got only 2 and not 3 as advertised. They don't even smell or feel cool like vetiver

I wrote to about the missing piece and they said I was supposed to only receive one . So it's basically false advertising.

The roots came with so much mud and dust. They don't smell like vetiver. Nor do they cool the room.

I think I got scammed.

Manisha Penty
Great one! Organic and can feel the smell of vetiver

Loved it.

Jay Bee
Vetiver Single Window Curtains - they function as described

Just add water! These curtains fitted window panes nicely and provided cool aroma filled breezes. They were just the thing you want when outside is 40C and the surrounding bldg towers radiate heat. They look rustic with a cottage-industry appearance. The blue nylon thread can be overlooked while enjoying the refreshing breeze. The 'free' curtain that was sent was a little crooked, so does not fit the window pane properly (-1 star from the rating). Overall, excellent product, and the best customer support from the owner (Sudhir Meher).

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