Vetiver Aromatic Khus Cooling Primium Curtains for Windows Doors and Balcony: KHUSPLAZA


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        Vetiver Khus Aromatic Cooling Curtains 

        Decorate your home with our newly designed Vetiver Curtains or Khus Mats designed with red cotton border.Great use for door window and balconies creating a relexing plesent cool and peaceful atmosphere around. Its dark brown colour indicates the high quality of organic roots used which emmits sweet natural woody and balsamic frangance.

   Easy to maintain the aroma sprikling water intermittently for more effect.Bamboo stick used to for ease of useand rolling up the curtain to make it portable.

  It cools your home also cools the mind with its sweet balsamic and woody smell. It’s the only natural coolant ever invented. It Protects your room from pollution and lets inside a natural cool and pure air 


  • More thikness more cooling.

  • Option for Roller. Just pull the string the curtain will folded up.

  • Option for auto cooling,no need for sprinkle water for cooling

  • 100 percent natural and organic roots used

  • Sweet woody and balsamic SMELL gives you the presence in a wet dump forest.

  • Option for 5 standard size to choos

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best way to get natural cool and aromatic air .

Best way to get natural cool and aromatic air .

Dr Sambit Pradhan
Very nice

Very good

Lakshmi Datla

Border cloth quality and stitching strength should be improved

kiran N

awesome product, nice packaging, worth the money

Shakilabanu Shaikh

Summer is aromatic due to khus curtain.Feel lucky to have this aromatic window.

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