Ruh Khus Attar

SUDHIR MEHER द्वारा को पोस्ट किया गया

   Ruh Khus Attar or Wild Vetiver Oil is called the oil of tranquility. In india it is commonly distilled by adopting the traditional deck and bhapka method. Its grounding woody balsamic earthy smooky smell not only enchant the outer but also uplift the inner spirit . To the body and spirit Khus Attar is moist, rich, and grounding. It soothes heartache and melancholy. It uplifts the mood and helps balance the emotions. Equally honoring the masculine and feminine, with a dream-inspiring forest magic, this is a perfume for everyone.

    Wild vetiver roots called khus khus are organic  wildly harvested in northan parts of india. It has many medicinal uses.   Ruh khus is extracted by steam distilation of wild khus. It is used in aroma therapy,in perfumary, and many food and beverage. Its note is unique and could not be sinthetically prepared after many efforts.



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